form-icon terms and conditions are as follow.

At Emarket, we aim to provide our customers with a personal and high quality service.
By ordering of our website you agree to these terms! 
In this article we will go over what those terms and conditions are.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at: info(at)

Age limit
Emarket’s online store might sell products that have a certain age limit.
We reserve the right to ask people for proof of age by providing a valid photo ID upon delivery of such products.
If the product is age restricted, this will be clearly stated with the product concerned.
An age restriction is one of the reasons why a social security number is requested when ordering of our website.

Cookies and privacy uses cookies to improve the functionality of the site to you where it’s deemed necessary. By using this site  you agree to our use of cookies.

Any information that may be stored about you or your use of this site is strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third party.

The only time a third party receives any information from our customer system is when you are paying for a product, then the system sends your information to the secure payment gateway of the service provider you choose to pay with so it’s possible to connect your order and payment together.
All of our service providers work according to strict security and confidential rules.

If you sign up to our mailing list your information will be stored in the system of the service provider we use at each time (Mailchimp) in a so called list.
Mailchimp abides by the most stringent privacy laws, and your information will never be intentionally disclosed by us, any third party or Mailchimp.

Our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy policy

Delivery of orders
Emarket offers a good selection of shipping options and we ship orders anywhere in the world.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the products bought are legal in the country to which the goods are sent.
The buyer is fully responsible for processing import duties, custom duties and other charges that may apply when the good arrive in the country of which they are sent to.

All shipments sent from us go through the Icelandic Post, both domestically and abroad.
When a product is delivered to the Icelandic Post it’s out of our responsibility, but we assist customers to the best of our ability in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.
If a foreign shipment is shipped as a small package then it’s not insured and we are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.
If more expensive means of delivery are chosen, those shipments are insured up to a certain amount and we will work with the Icelandic Post if anything comes up in those shipments.

Emarket strives to send all shipments by the mail same day, but if orders arrive after 3:30 pm local time on weekdays or on weekends and holidays, it will be mailed the next business day.

Shipping cost to other countries are calculated based on the weight of the order. If shipping costs  are not incurred, it must be calculated separately so contact us before ordering.

The delivery time depends on the process of the Icelandic Post, which takes up to 3 days for domestic shipments and up to 20 working days on foreign shipments from the time it’s delivered to the Icelandic Post until it reaches the customs authorities in the receiving country.
The time it takes to send a package abroad varies depending on the recipient counry at each time.
Emarket does not warrant any delays on shipments, suchs warrant is placed on the Icelandic Post.

You can also get your order home delivered in Akureyri inside the postal codes of 600 and 603. You can also pick up your order yourself at our warehouse.

More information on our delivery options can be found here: Dilevery Options

Online payments
All payments are made through secure payment gateways and Emarket does not store any card details or passwords.
You can choose to pay using these following methods.
1. Credit / Debit cards – Payment through secure card service portal with either credit or debit cards.
2. Bank transfer – You transfer the order amount to our bank account.
If payment on domestic orders has not been received within 24 hours after ordering we will cancel your order.
Foreign transfers often require 1-3 business days to come through and you order will not be processed until the transfer has come through fully.
Orders never leave our warehouse until a transfer is confirmed, whether domestic or foreign.

All prices in the Emarket online store are subject to error.
If a product is in the wrong price due to a system error, human error or other errors, we reserve the right to cancel an order.

Canceling an order:
Should you want to cancel your order you made through our website you will need to call us or send us an e-mail in regards to canceling your order.
We will refund you your order fully if it hasn’t left our warehouse. If you order has already left our warehouse and is on it’s way to you, we will refund you your order once you have sent it back and we have received it at our warehouse again.
ATT! If an order is canceled after it has left our warehouse we will only refund you back the cost of the product itself not the shipping cost. You will also need to pay the shipping cost of sending it back to us.

Order return policy:
Customers have 14 days from the date of purchase to return or replace a product, but only if it’s unused in unopened and intact packages.
A receipt of purchase is required if goods are to be returned. Transferring information or other payment information is not enough.
Within 14 days, the product will be fully refunded based on the amount paid at the proof of receipt minus all shipping cost if applicable.
Alternatively, you can request another product in exchange and either get refunded the difference if you pick a cheaper product or pay a little extra if the product is more expensive then the one you are returning.
After 14 a product can neither be return or exchanged.

NOTE! It is not possible to return or exchange fresh products or products that are generally short lived.
It is not possible to return or exchange special order or sale products! 

Error, defects and other product returns. 

1. If we deliver the wrong product, please contact us within 14 days. The customer must send the product back to us unopened at our expense and we will send the correct product to the customer at our expense. It is the customer’s responsibility to check if the correct product is delivered before the product is taken out of the package.

2. If a defect occurs in the product within 3 months from the date of purchase, the product is delivered defective or becomes defective at first use, contact us immediately as defect becomes apparent. We will examine the product and evaluate whether there are manufacturing defects, which then falls under warranty or external damages such as dents, moisture, improper treatment and the like.
If there is a manufacturing defect, it will be exchanged for the same product after inspection. If one product is not in stock, a similar product is delivered.

3. If a customer thinks his product is malfunctioned upon arrival we will need it back for inspection. If the product is deemed in perfect shape the product will be shipped back to the customer at his expense.

4. In some cases, we might request that a product be sent to the service provider of the relevant product in Iceland for inspection and warranty service.

5. If the product does not work with “Your” product that is not purchased from us but works on our products, it does not constitute a defect on our products / products sold.

6. We cannot warrant broken glass or visible damage products, such as scratches, impact damage, moisture damage and such damage.

7. It is very important to keep a receipt from the online transaction and all boxes from the products so that you can work with warranty issues. If a box and a receipt are not available, there is often little to be done in warranty matters.

8. In order to return a product for warranty, it must be sent back to us well packaged in a so called “A” package with the Icelandic Post at your expense.
Please contact us before you send you product to us!
The product must be accompanied by the original receipt, social security number, full name and a telephone number. It is very important to have the box outside of the product and the packaging around the box if applicable, e.g. if a product has a cardboard skin around the box with a photo and product information.
Information should be included that explains the reason for the re-shipment.
We are not responsible for lost shipments that are being sent to us.
The customer pays the cost of shipment of goods to us, but if the defect is classified as warrantable upon inspection the shipping cost will be refunded.
If a product is defective, we ship the product back at the customers expense.

9. Customers trying to return cloned products, products that are replicas or products that are not purchased by us and not made by the manufacturers we support and sell will have the product shipped back to them at their own expense, and those customers will no longer be allowed to shop at our sore.
Such cases are treated as goods fraud by law. 

We welcome the suggestions regarding these terms and we always want to provide our customers with the best possible service.
If there is anything that you feel is unfair or unclear in these Terms, please contact us.

These terms may change without notice, but if so, a notice will be published in the news corner of this site and on social media.

Terms accepted  12.03.2020