We accept payments via direct bank transfer, credit cards and debit cards.

Direct bank transfer:
You wire transfer the payment directly to our bank account.
If payment has not arrived within 24 hours from the time you place the order, we will cancel the order.
It is important that you send us a receipt via email during wire transfer.
Orders will not be shipped unless payment has cleared!
Wire transfer to:
Kennitala: 640418-2300
Account nr: 0162-26-011890
Receipt sent to:

Wire transfer information are also given to you when you finish your order.

You can pay with both credit card and debit card through a secure payment gateway supplied by KORTA
Ones payment is done your order is cleared for delivery
ATT! We use a 3D Secure system that requires you to also put in a specific code sent to you via sms to finish the payment.